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Otto Zimmermann – Braking with passion

For more than six decades, Otto Zimmermann has been developing, producing and selling sophisticated vehicle components for car manufacturers and the free spare parts market. Zimmermann brake-discs have already proven their reliability and performance in the first vehicles that were standardly equipped with disc brakes.

After the trend-setting relocation to Sinsheim in 1990, Otto Zimmermann GmbH expanded its administration, production and storage space to currently over 17,000 square meters.

In the course of the expansion measures, the production capacity has been significantly expanded in recent years. We manufacture our brake discs on the most modern production lines according to the criteria of the automotive industry. Computer-controlled robots and drilling machines guarantee the shortest possible production times and enable a consistently high standard of quality.


Robotereinsatz (hier für gelochte Sport-Scheiben)

 Use of robots (here for perforated sports targets)

The production program today includes well over 4000 different brake components, which are sold through wholesalers and specialist dealers in more than 60 countries worldwide:

  • Brake discs for personal cars and light commercial vehicles;
  • brake drums for cars
  • Brake pads for personal cars and light commercial vehicles;
  • brake shoes for cars
  • Brake-kits for light commercial vehicles
  • Pre-assembled brake shoe kits
  • Brake Calipers


Otto Zimmermann develops high quality spare parts, sports and premium brake discs FusionZ and the Fusion R range, which is purely for racing, in order to also meet the increased requirements of motorsport and tuning. The Formula R racing series is sold exclusively through the Zimmermann online shop. Our storage capacities have been significantly expanded with the new logistics center. This means that we can access around 1,000,000 parts for our customers at short notice, which guarantees a very high level of delivery service.



The trademark Zimmermann represents brake disc expertise which is your benefit.

You will win with safety.